Singing summer home….

happy skies

August is humming
~the sound of summer as it
starts to soften and mellow,
pushing back from the table,
full and drowsy.

The drone of bumble bees,
the crackle and swish
of daylilies and grasses
drying like wheat
in the field
join the cicadas and katydids
until it seems the whole earth
is singing summer home.

I feel the season exhale
while the sun still browns the days

like cheese bubbling under a broiler
until just crispy,
then bathes them in golden light.I’m humming along now
tipping back the cup,
sipping till it’s dry
~chin dripping with grateful wonder.



  1. The freshness of your pen never stops surprising me, 'singing summer home' 'feel the season exhale' 'the sun still browns the days…well you get my drift. I don't know what it is, I just know that how you feel life and then express it in such original ways, it moves me, grabs my heart and my attention and I feel that moment hover all around me…keep writing my friend and the card you created, just burst with life, love it.

  2. You have captured so beautifully the ending of summer….even though it's still hot, you can tell it's winding down and another season is on the way……

    Great poem….love coming to visit with you…..

    Hugs my friend

  3. PaperPumpkin says

    I just love love love your poetry. All of my senses were engaged as I read this. The cicadas and katydids are so loud here…I like it though. Summer is singing all right!

  4. rachel awes says

    where's your
    full and drowsy
    (or just
    take your pick
    of a bajillion options
    of your written wonders)
    published book?!

  5. Just Be Real says

    Well written to my heart Jen. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

  6. okay, Jen will you please put a book together of your beautiful collages, and beautiful words??

    I want to be able to read them again and again and again!!!!!!


  7. I'm grateful for these soft and mellower days; the first half of my summer was intense…in every way!X0

  8. Absolutely beautiful, I am thrilled to have found you from Liv's 'Jen' post today! Gorgeous writing, and I agree with Rachel, where is the book???

  9. I love, love your color, your beautiful words and your philosophy about life (your bio at the bottom). I was really thrilled to come across such a sweet and beautiful blog.

  10. how beautiful! i so enjoy it here.

  11. I love the line "pushing back from the table full and drowsy". What a perfect image for the end of summer. It's so hot, and rampant complaints about weather are the norm, but what a nice ode to the month that quietly ends summer.


  12. Love Love Love!!!

    I cannot wait for the day when I walk into Barnes & Noble and see your book there on the "New Releases" shelf and I get to say to myself, "yes, there she is…I knew she'd make it…and I knew her when…."

    big hug,

  13. Liana Yarckin says

    what a beautiful blog. your collages are pretty, fun and eye catching, but, your writing is wonderful!!!! i like your heading under your subtitle – to grow up to be childlike. i turn on ellen when i think i need to loosen up and be fun for my kids.

  14. I've said it before, but, my friend, you have got some MAJOR talent!!

  15. Sharron Leaf says

    Your blog looks amazing on my new iMac! Please come over and play soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

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