Roots of something real……

12 treat

Celebrating 27 years
of high hopes,
baby steps,
messing up,
getting a clue,
yes to the help,
taking tumbles,
heaps of humility,
accepting the mercy
(and, slowly, each other),
dropping the judgment,
letting down defenses,
losing the criticism,
learning to trust,
loving imperfectly,
loads of laughter,
masses of forgiveness,
getting over ourselves,
and wallowing in grace
Still together.
And more in love than ever.

sweet bj


  1. PaperPumpkin says

    Happy 27th anniversary! ♥ I'm right there with you on time (27 years for us, too) and on dropping defenses, being forgiving, loving imperfectly, and staying together over the years…

  2. What delightful smiles … many, many more.

  3. It sounds like a happy little recipe for for a Bob Ross painting. Glad you made it this far and looking to go the rest of the way.
    It's not the destination we seek, but the journey along the way that should be exciting.
    Keep on smilin'

  4. Sounds like you've nailed the secret, Girlfriend…for marriage and relationships in general, with ourselves, with each other, with God…..This should be published…Simple brilliance…..

    And *Fabulous* photo…*That's* a winner….

  5. rachel awes says

    dearest beautiful jennifer,
    happy & honest anniversary!
    it's been 21 yrs. for me & my hubby,
    & ain't it all the truth?!
    such a sister you are!
    i dance that russian kicking my heels out dance
    in a circle around you two!

  6. Happy Annv! What a great couple, love that photo, love that you are happily in love even yet 🙂

  7. Just Be Real says

    Girl….. you have a lot to celebrate! These were great accomplishments. Gives me encouragement and I thank you for sharing who you are and being sensitive to God's leading. Blessings to you Jen.

  8. Wonderful! Congratulations! Your post makes me happy this morning. Great words to refer to when times get bumpy. Thank you for your comment on my blog. When I post something, I really look forward to your visit. Your comments inspire me and make me want to write more. Here's to another 27 years!!


  9. Oh Jennifer congratulations to you both!! The joy in your faces….and hearts, so lovely to behold!

  10. Congrats to the 27 anniversary.
    Several times your comments on my pics over at Beautiful world intrigued me and here I am.
    Surely I now will be back more often. Love your perspective and attitude. Hugs across the pond

  11. Congratulations to both of you…..Your gift of words say it all….Big hugs to you both…..

  12. Jennifer, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL not only on the inside but on the outside too! I finally have a picture of you to see up close. And your hubby looks very HAPPY to be celebrating 27 years with his sweet bride. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    I loved your words, especially the More in love than ever part.

    Your lovely roots (from your title) are showing! ha just had to add that:)

    Many many more to you two!
    Lee Ann

  13. sweetie, this is just glorious!
    here's to many, many more. : )
    * your comment on my blog,made me smile… no, BEAM! : )

  14. ps: i won't say a word about those desserts… not one beautiful word. lol

  15. Happy, happy anniversary. I get such joy out of these love stories. And I know just what you mean, what kind of love you share. We've been married 18 years and each year I marvel that it is possible to love him more. Happy anniversary!

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