Oceans of grace….


White clouds calling out
across land gone flat
and dipping towards the seasummerlike a downramp
for offloading
my frettings and frenzies


into oceans of grace
to be swallowed by the tide.

Oceans of grace
to you
this August!


  1. and to you my friend!
    boy, does that water look cool and refreshing.
    praying you were able to get the air going again!!

  2. Oceans of Grace – I like this, and I love your photos too.

  3. You capture the beauty and power of the surf so well in this post.

  4. grace to you as well …

  5. Oh girlfriend, I hope your August is so full of grace that you have a hard time holding it all…..
    It will be full and refeshing as your pictures of th ocean…..

    So glad I have met you….

  6. PaperPumpkin says

    The beach, the waves, ahh, this looks so wonderful and cool and refreshing!

  7. Hindsfeet says

    I am drinking this post in, Jennifer….into all my parched places…….

    …So deeply grateful to be traveling with you just now….over this leg of the journey….God knew…..

    Peace tonight,

  8. rachel awes says

    i offload alongside you/
    what an inviting one!
    i can just HEAR the water!

  9. You couldn't have chosen better imagery, Ocean's of Grace. I find his grace overtime I'm by the ocean, it's rhythm fills me, beautifully said, beautifully illustrated.

  10. Just the other day I was thinking that you are really a poet at heart; and then this showed up! Thanks for letting the rest of us see the world through your eyes from time to time~

  11. Oh, those pictures of the glorious waves give me butterflies!! Oceans of grace = perfection.

  12. Hindsfeet says

    a thought, Jennifer……ever read the book, "Gift from the Sea" by Anne Morrow Lindbergh? It's one of those books you read and then want every woman you know to read it….written about sixty years ago but could've been written yesterday……

    one of those "we read to know we're not alone" books…….

    trust me on this one, Girlfriend…..

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