Into the wild…

forgotten past

I’m glad for this space to pull out of heavy traffic and onto the backroads of my mind where the ripples run unfettered. It feels like a wide flat beach at low tide, or an empty country road rolling open under big blue skies. Sometimes I feel this way when I’m down on my knees in the dirt, digging until I lose the burden of myself….just easy connection with the lovely planet underneath me and the One who designed it so well. This is blank canvas giddiness and I’m savoring it.

As winter turns to spring, I’m feeling the tug of a changing tide in my own life as well. This much change is unnerving; I’m grateful for tender reminders to let Love’s eyes meet mine. My heart settles into an easy rhythm as I return to this sunny stone wall that guards me from cold winds, resting back into it’s warm, supportive strength. Again, His gentleness breaks me…all of my air is because of this. Maybe this is the plan….me standing under a shower of love burning wildly over me, raining down white hot sparks melting holes through the masks I’ve worn until there is just me… additives or fillers or pretty packaging. Just me, broken down to the simplest form. Organic. Raw. Real. Loved.

I’m still sweaty and disheveled with the struggle. But I’ve found my resting place; I’m parking here. This is home.


  1. Sharron Leaf on March 16, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    I'm stepping into a peaceful garden when I enter your blog. Thank you for opening your heart to us!

  2. Relyn on November 18, 2010 at 12:01 am

    I just had to stop by and witness your beginnings. Of course they are lovely.

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