happy birthday, little zine……


I can’t believe it’s been a year since I patched together and sent traveling
my first little batch of Ripplesongs,  a handmade zine I cobble together each month
with a whole heap of love
to savor and  share.
Frankly,  I don’t sell many at all……mostly they find homes with people and places near and dear to my heart,
like handmade bouquets I pluck from my garden.
It feels like setting up a farm stand each month and laying out my produce and flowers;
I get as much joy from the whole glorious mess of the process
as I do from seeing the finished product all ready to shine.
If someone comes around to buy,  well I like that.
When they don’t,  it’s still crazy-joy to scoop it all up and give it away.
Either way it feels like Christmas morning:)

Because I want to pour you out a river of breeze,
to gather you a bouquet of sweet,  soft lay-me-down moments
and hold this sense of relish like a seashell to your ear
so you can hear the whisper in your wounds
because I think maybe that it’s the sound that healing makes

because I feel it so strong inside that you are the priceless art,
more beautiful by design than sea or sunset or gossamer wings,
that there is precious little balm to waste in the hard flee of time
and I choose to share the salve I find
because I know that living can stone you sudden till your heart rattles pieces
and hope can get upended in the tumble


and when you find a well that keeps on giving
your heart stretches out wide and thumps love so ebullient
that it reaches and offers and speaks.
You just want to share the shimmer from the waves you’re riding,
the blooming from your field of dreams.

This is mine.
It may not be “successful,”  as some would say.
But it makes my own heart sing
and you’re free to help yourself to as much as you like:)

love rain down
” Earth’s crammed with heaven,  and every common bush afire with God.
But only he who sees takes off his shoes;
the rest sit round and pluck blackberries.”
-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Feel free to browse over some of the pages in each month’s zine over here at my very unkempt little etsy shop,
Dismal empty right now,  but that will change shortly:)



  1. Oh dearheart,
    The beauty of your heart, your words, your art, your garden (the quintessential you) moves me to tears.
    Thank you for being you.
    Elephant’s Child recently posted…Sunday Selections #230My Profile

  2. You are as sweet as honeysuckle! Thank you!
    gotham girl recently posted…drifting in daylight…in central parkMy Profile

  3. One of your little zines Jennifer, sitting on top of a dresser in my meditation/Reiki room amongst a few of my favourite books and a singing bowl. Often when I’m in need of filling my heart or of receiving a message, I will just stop, pause open the zine and take in the message on one of the beautiful pages. It always makes me smile and feel so good when I do. Don’t ever stop creating… your art, photographs, flowers, words, your special touch… there’s so many incredible gifts in all that you touch and create. <3
    Suzanne recently posted…A Feather on my PathMy Profile

  4. Happy birthday to your beautiful zine! My copy sits within reach near my computer, ready to encourage and inspire me. Thank you so much for sharing your sweet soul with all of us!
    Barbara recently posted…Silent Love and FriendshipMy Profile

  5. Wishing you and your zine many more years of bursting forth with love and inspiration!
    Lady Fi recently posted…Windows of lightMy Profile

  6. I hope you received my email, but I never know anymore because for whatever reason, I can’t figure out, they mostly get returned to me…? But, I LOVE your zines so much, that sometimes my heart fills up so much that tears have to flow. My heart runneth over. I thank God for you. The universe must certainly be thrilled to have you. I am.
    Kathryn recently posted…Summer of Color 5: Week ThreeMy Profile

    • I sometimes delete emails, accidentally:/ But I got yours and it made my heart sing!
      I also sometimes forget to reply (I do in my head but it never makes it to print)
      I think I’m in a super forgetful season. Hope it’s just a season!
      Anyway, thanks so much for your always kindhearted generous way:)
      Jennifer Richardson recently posted…Only love can make it rain….My Profile

  7. A handmade bouquet. I have a handmade bouquet of Rippling right here on my desk, right next to my computer! Sometimes I’ll just pick it up, look and smile. But then, I always smile when I’m around you with your big wide heart open to the world, those beautiful images and words you share. Sigh!
    jeanie recently posted…Creating with Kristen Robinson, Part Two: The JournalMy Profile

  8. As long as your heart is singing that is all that matters. More people need to do just that! Thanks for sharing all of your joy.
    Sue recently posted…Comment on Summer Reading by SueMy Profile

  9. Dear Jennifer, your generous heart is overflowing with gratitude and joy and your source is from an abundant love of what you do. A grateful heart is a happy heart and you have found that it’s more blessed to give than to receive.
    Happy Anniversary to your Zine.
    Blessings upon blessings for you.
    Julia recently posted…I’VE NOTICED A TRENDMy Profile

  10. I love your little etsy shop and your sweet ointment for when “living can stone you sudden till your heart rattles pieces” those beautiful words that help get us “upended in the tumble.”
    Kimber Britner recently posted…Befriending Your EmotionsMy Profile

  11. You grace the world in such a sweet & beautiful way ~

  12. Such amazingly beautiful words and images straight from your heart! Priceless….
    Donna recently posted…Poetry Sunday-Be Like A SeedMy Profile

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