What I’ve been grazing and grooving on……

sunset blog
I’ve been squeezing the last drops of juice from January,
the one month each year that sometimes feels like vacation
because our gardening business settles down for a long winter’s nap
and I can throw myself more into projects I’ve been saving for the big quiet
but this year has been cheeky,  as the sap is already rising,
and so I’ve been hours in the trees,   pruning,
and I’m sore from the hard and cold and a stiff sort of sleepy.

My blogging process looks a lot,  in my mind,   like gardening and cooking;
I tend what’s growing in my heart,  writing down snippets and making bites of art
and then gather the bits into bouquets
or cobble into soup or salsa or pie
to serve up fresh and in season here every week
(a small lyrical café,  I imagine:))

ladder blog

but I’m a wintery sort of tired this week up here pruning away
(and I skipped a week already,  didn’t I)
so I’m going to serve them straight up,  the munchies I’ve been grazing on,
the clippings of what I’ve been loving (like turnip greens and their sweet baby roots).
Feel free to snack on the whoosh and whisper of it all:

 ~ There’s  fierce beauty in spending less than we make.

~Urgency is rarely true,  and is always a lie when it’s compulsive.

~ We are –  all of us  –  lovely to God
(don’t let shame hiss at you otherwise)

rail bloggy

 ~  “Hope is a conclusion we stay in
as we hope our way through hopeless circumstances.”
-Robin MacMillan

~There is something profoundly and deeply right with each of us.

~it takes me back home to the healer of my heart,  whispering in the cold,  brave sunshine
how Love walked right into this thumping ache of mine,  went tenderly to the room
where I feel broken,  and moved in bearing balm and comfort and courage
and “where does it hurt?”
and when the wind outside was howling chaos,
became the greenhouse where my fiercest flowers grow.

~ “…the air a library and the record of every life lived,  every sentence spoken,
every word transmitted still reverberating in it.”
-Anthony Doerr’s  All the Light We Cannot See
(potent read and a terrible beauty)

moody blog
 I'll soon be down from the trees and back in my heart's kitchen,
 stirring up something hopeful yummy to serve
  but didn't want to go silent so long so here is my little offering.
Much love and light and lift to your astonishingly beautiful heart - xoxox
(little drawing to give away a copy of my February issue zine,  Ripplesongs;
 leave a comment
 and your name goes in the fuzzy hat)



  1. Dear Jennifer, I envy your green grass over the mountains of snow we are buried under.
    Your red sky is absolutely spectacular and so colorful.
    February just sneaked in so fast and I’m sure March will soon march in as swiftly.
    Maybe February is a great time to prune myself to make room for fresh growth for Spring.

    Take care,
    Julia recently posted…QUICK UPDATE ON MY GRANDFATHER RUGMy Profile

  2. Loving your whoosh and your whisper. Hugs.

  3. Oh…gosh…just love all of this…your words…the quotes…your art… Reading that you are pruning so reminds me of my dad on the farm…pruning his apples and peaches…each tree being something special…thank you for giving me that opportunity to go “there.”
    gotham girl recently posted…colorado firstsMy Profile

  4. I’ve been reading many blogs over the past months, trying to weed out which ones speak to me to narrow my focus so my time is well spent. I love to read, but too much sitting doesn’t agree with my health, and so I am selective over what I read. I am so very grateful that I found this garden patch with so many good things growing in pictures and stories. Your words -fierce beauty in spending less than we make – I will carry in my heart all this week as encouragement for our family goals. And your photo of your shadow, up on the ladder, is an image so perfectly genuine it takes my breath away.
    Donna Hopkins recently posted…Full CircleMy Profile

  5. I love your snippets. And your cafe. And you.
    Relyn recently posted…Friday FavesMy Profile

  6. There’s fierce and uplifting beauty in your words and photos. Thank you.
    Lady Fi recently posted…When winter gives you iceMy Profile

  7. We all need pruning now and again. Thank you for this!
    Barbara recently posted…There’s water in the ponds!My Profile

  8. The images in this post are so powerful. I can’t really put words on it and I don’t think it’s necessary but they touch my soul deeply. Thank you for sharing.
    Michele Bergh recently posted…Living Inspired By DesignMy Profile

  9. Bruce Yoder says:

    You have squeezed potent and pungent juice from January. It awakens the senses. What a clarion call to offer and receive comfort and courage, to take what is given and embrace it with great love. Thank you!

  10. I hear your words but I am particularly loving the accompanying photos 🙂
    CherryPie recently posted…Cherie’s Place – Thought for the WeekMy Profile

  11. Your words for January ring so true. The winter months are hard ones for me but when one loses what was expected as a “light” time, and then it passes you by — well, it’s a bit extra hard. I think I am am experiencing something similar right now, so this resonates in a very special way.

    Your sunset is simply breathtaking.How I long to crawl into that photo, to see it, burning bright and hard, all pinks and fuschia, purple and orange. I am breathless.
    jeanie recently posted…Greg Mural Update and Answers!My Profile

  12. Oh I can’t wait to start gardening again! Here it’s still very cold, too cold to spend outdoors so I give some quality time to my art journal instead. Stunning pictures Jenn, especially the first one… holy wow!

    Wishing you lots of sunshine xxx

    Lindsay recently posted…[Art Journal] Beacon of LightMy Profile

  13. Lovely words and images!!! That first photo…wowza…so beautiful!!

  14. Oh I love all your snippets and bites here….here we are buried in snow so we are having a long winter’s rest….wishing you some rest soon!
    Donna recently posted…Poetry Sunday-Winter WoodsMy Profile

  15. Jennifer… your writing just blows me away!! That sunset shot is breath taking! Love your life….
    dulcy recently posted…Rugs, Wristies, Shawls… COLOR!My Profile

  16. I so appreciate how your sparkle touches me every day! Your glitter is sprinkled all around me!

  17. What stunning photographs. I can imagine how difficult it must be out there in the elements pruning your fruit trees, but with so much beauty all around you I guess you’ve got something to make your heart sing when your limbs are leaden and tired. Sometimes when I’m doing something mechanical and repetitive I find that the process allows my mind to run free and all kinds of creative thoughts flood through. Often that’s when I have my best ideas. All the best for the rest of the project. May it bring you lots of fruit at harvest time and a cornucopia of creative ideas in the meantime, Bonny
    Bonny Bonafilla recently posted…Osterley Park’s snowdrop drifts …My Profile

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