got to be free….

To be free…..this is the thing,
top of my list……even love needs freedom
to thrive,
freedom to grow my own garden,
learn from my own mistakes,
choose my own path,
decide in my own heart how I worship, build a family,
make a life and a living,
to say my own strong “no’s” and grin my very own yeses,


to write and sing and paint and dance
and pickle and pour and pray and chance
and to choose my own pace about it,
not taking on hurry or rush or shove or push,
not swallowing one drop of ridicule because of my gimpy places,
but to bask in the light beautiful along the way,
all along the way,

because I’m free to choose,
to relax into the timing of Love
and take joy in this journey
that is mine.

Really,  don’t let the beauty of this life get away from you.

Lifting my heart to toast every drop of freedom
we are born for.

“Don’t shrink.
Don’t puff up.
Just stand your sacred ground.”
-Brene’ Brown

(and,  hey,  I really want to write you back when you leave comments.  I don’t get e-mails anymore,
since my blog changed a bit,  so I’m gonna try writing a reply right at the end of each comment.
Never done that before.  Not sure if you’ll ever get them….just wanting to stay connected.)


  1. YES to this post – and all of those freedoms.
    Perhaps you could add the button to subscribe to follow up comments? It would make it easier for us to see who has been by, and when you respond.

    • thanks for the suggestion….I like that idea.
      I’ll ask Michele of Be Inspired Designs (who helps maintain my blog and site)
      to help with that. Thanks for the suggestion!
      And always glad for your visit:)

  2. Freedom, such a pricy word. It gives wings to my soul and send my heart blooming.
    You so eloquently stir up a freedom soup.
    I love your post.
    Happy 4th of July Jennifer.
    Hugs and love to you

    Julia Bourque recently posted…JULY ARRIVED ALL HOT AND SWEATY…My Profile

  3. I love that top photo. You are so creative. And your post expresses the longings of all of our souls. Those of us who live here are blessed. We forget it way too often!
    Barbara recently posted…Piddle-farting on the 4th of JulyMy Profile

  4. A lovely thought provoking post as usual. I really hope that you recived my email thanking you for the wonderful giveaway prize. I cherish the words and pictures and look at them frequently to lift and inspire me. Thank you so much jennifer. x
    Simone recently posted…A Simple Card Making TutorialMy Profile

  5. beautiful! Hope you had another beautiful day of freedom!

  6. Amen to that. Be you and own your sacred space. ♥
    Maryse recently posted…Ask the meditators!My Profile

  7. What a beautiful message, Jennifer! Hi to you! Hope you are enjoying some summertime relaxation and fun now. Love, kath
    Kathryn recently posted…Summer MorningsMy Profile

  8. Yes, I love freedom, too. It is priceless, and we so often take it for granted.
    Until we realize, that some of the freedom is taken away from us, slice by slice. It makes me very sad.
    Carola Bartz recently posted…All About Fences in EdinburghMy Profile

    • slice by slice… true and, yes, sad.
      I do think, however, that the major freedoms we enjoy,
      the ones that cause us to thrive,
      we carry inside ourselves despite the economy or
      circumstances. Those freedoms are the ones I’m especially
      wilding for.
      Thanks for coming by and leaving your whispered words of wisdom:)
      Jennifer Richardson recently posted…the soft soil of eden….My Profile

  9. So thankful our hearts can be free in spite of our circumstances. Love the color in your heart.
    S. Etole recently posted…Repose ~My Profile

  10. Heartwarming thoughts about freedom…I have strong feelings about my freedom…thanks for reminding us to not let the beauty of this life get away from us.
    Donna recently posted…The Maple Tree Through SpringMy Profile

  11. So very lovely – words and shots.
    Lady Fi recently posted…Garden delightsMy Profile

  12. l o v e l y
    liberating Post.
    love the heart shaped watermelon.
    Love -Brene’ Brown!
    My Inner Chick recently posted…5 Reasons My Life Is Like “Orange Is The New Black”My Profile

  13. Vickie Newman says:

    Love your poetry! Just visiting from Elephant’s Child’s blog feature on you….so nice to meet you! – Vickie

  14. Hello sweet friendI love your light the one you carry in your words and in your heart and it\\\’s so nice to finally come around to visit you here. Sorry for having been a bit absent those past months. Hugs to you and wishing you an amazing Summer Anyes xo

  15. I am always working on expanding my own freedom…little by little!! Your words and photos are always amazing and speak to my heart!!

  16. Oh, yes, my kindred spirit. Freedom is what I truly desire as well. Such a great time to explore this desire!
    Michele Bergh recently posted…Consistency is the KeyMy Profile

  17. thankful, with you, for the One who loves us through all circumstances, and makes us free…
    leslie recently posted…see how they trust.My Profile

  18. I sure like staying connected with you, in any way!

  19. Your Art is in full bloom. Beautiful art, beautiful YOU.

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