this side of the rainbow….

Self-reliance is such a headrush.
I’m an addict
with a cruel craving
to get there on my own.
To be strong enough,
clever enough,
brave enough
~plenty enough.
My secret heart longs
for that plentiful feeling
….plenty money in the bank,
plenty of energy,
plenty of breathing room,
plenty of time,
plenty net beneath me,
plenty buffer.
These days those coffers seem drained
and like a toddler with separation anxiety,
my soul pines for plenty
…for those over-the-rainbow skies
where troubles melt like lemon drops
and bluebird lullabyes.
Now my hungry spirit-eyes scan my surroundings
for security
and shift
to see the sure things,
the real plenty
that shields and soothes my cranky fears.
Take stock,  my soul.
~there is undiminished Love,
unending possibility,
more grace than I can use in a lifetime,
massive opportunity to trust,
really trust,
and believe
and surrender to the process
of stepping on forward
by faith
even without plenty of sight.
There is plenty of choice
and I choose
to wallow in the riches of peace
~sweet plentiful peace,
even this side
of the rainbow.(Come see what’s blooming in my etsy garden)


  1. Jennifer, your words are like a gentle breeze on my face that I can't ignore and like a warm ray of sunshine that tells me all is well now.

    Peace to you Jennifer, JB

  2. so happy to be here in your comfortable garden .. I too long for plenty ~ I understand ..good choice friend~

  3. Hindsfeet says:

    needed this benediction tonight, Jen…

    …have been having a fearful, fretful, which-way-is-up couple of weeks….feeling puny and not equal to the Task……longing for lightheartedness and simplicity of soul…..instead of the angsty joy-sabotaging "I'm-such-a-screw-up" 2×4 I've been beating myself up with……feeling my ragamuffin-ness…..longing to feel that God is for me the way I know he is for others…..

    …..needing a little (a lot) of amazing grace this week…………..

    …this was a good start…

    …thanks, as always for the abundance that comes out of what you may see as your five-loaves-and-fishes soul, Jen…….

    ….You feed *multitudes*

    your friend,

  4. rachel awes says:

    i KNOW what you mean, jelly bean!! xox
    &, i am soul aware,
    of the plenty
    in your words
    & pictures
    & presence.
    i love you so.
    yes i do.
    lovelovelove to u. X

  5. Beautifully said, I'm going to share it with my kid sister, Kellie, she lost her job and is grabbing odd jobs while looking for work. It's a hard knock life, but the road of peace & trust is the way to go. Love your new artwork!

  6. S. Etole says:

    I know so well those cravings …

    And I know the only One who can satisfy them.

    Your garden nourishes my soul.

  7. Just Be Real says:

    Such a powerful and encouraging post Jen. You know I am on the same course as you. Finding the real me. Love the bird photo. Blessings.

  8. what a journey of un-learning, and re-learning. of seeing the things we thought would bring up fulfillment really only bind us instead of setting us free. Our hearts longings are good…we think we can fill them with our striving when it's the letting go that does it.

    i see Bachelor Buttons…one of my favorite little wildflowers. i love them paired with Black-eyed Susans, Blanket Flowers, and Purple Coneflowers…and maybe some little Ox-eyed Daisies.


  9. therealbarbie says:

    Beautiful pictures…..Joy is now. Sweet peace this side of the rainbow. Beautiful words as always.

  10. LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious says:

    Again, what a beautiful post! I'm so glad that we don't have to wait until we are somewhere over the rainbow to enjoy the beauty through our today!

    I so agree with Mary of how there have been so many things in my life that I thought were going to fulfill me, only to find that they did not. (and everything else Mary said about letting go and not striving is the way to go)

    My sisters and I used to sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow all of the time when we were young. I love your art piece and the reminder Jennifer that says "Sweet peace to you this side of the rainbow". So beautiful is your gorgeous heart and words!

    Tiptoe-ing through your flowers and loving it!
    ♥Lee Ann

  11. PaperPumpkin says:

    Wow, Jen. This post is a favorite. I feel these words. I love your words. Peace, friend. ~Kath

  12. Jennifer,

    I always look forward
    to visiting with you.

    I just love your words …

    your pictures …

    your art….

    your energy ….

    Keep blooming , my friend … you are amazing!

  13. The art in this piece dazzles me. I never could do a bird to save my soul and my "task" this summer is to create at least one respectable bird drawing/painting/watercolor. Just one. (then perhaps the rest will follow!).

    Have a lovely Memorial weekend.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I love that every time I come here, I find Truth that my soul needed. I, too, have plenty. But, I forget far too often. I love you, my friend.

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