Holding space for air….

There is a place
in each moment,
a soft space for breath
to unfold slow
and deep
and safe,
where rest enough waits
like a tall glass of lay-me-down
and  whispers welcome
to every lift and settle of my heart.

And there is a stream there,
a place for tired soul to go bare,
glimmering easy songs of here and now
and of a love that fills
and it nourishes and calls
and I can answer if I will

funny valentine

‘Cause sometimes I wreck this heart
by rushing,
wanting to flop down into the finally
of having everything done and wrapped up tight,
and it’s crazy how my mind can wedge me into stories
that steal away my peace
and set me to running from rest
because I get to thinking
that it’s the push and squeeze that saves me.

Yeah,   I can forget to breathe,
to let the soft vapor of life
tend the peace that lifts me
from the weary way I sometimes keep.

It’s braver to breathe.

I wish you deep gulps of air in every place where your heart is holding it’s breathe.

“And breathe,
just breathe.
Oh breathe,
just breathe.”

– Anna Nalick

If you’re looking to do something yummy for yourself,  check out this goodness from my big-dreaming friend,   Kimber.

We shall get there some day…..


There’s been a cold wind blowing so I’m putting out some seed;
simple bites to strengthen what goes dim when life gets raw.
Gather what you like and take as much as you can carry.
Maybe something that I  scatter will nourish that beautiful flame of yours…….

~  Sometimes her spirit scooped her hands into the sky and they fluttered there,  kissing heaven.

~ She let the weight of her worry be swallowed up in wonder
and took on a holy curiosity about it all.

~ She began to shake off intimidation like bits of sleet from her hair.

~ “You’d be surprised how powerful kindness actually is.
I am not being dramatic;  you can save hearts and lives with grace.
– Jen Hatmaker

“People are not problems to be solved.
They are mysteries to be explored.”
– Eugene Peterson

~ Her feet began to dance,
keeping time with both the fierce and fragile
of her heart.

~”For every complex problem,  there is a solution
that is simple,  clear,  and wrong.”
– H.L. Mencken

~ She knew she carried the pen of her life,
but she drew back from the dark blood of the ink.
So she decided to take up feathers and flowers
and write her songs on the wind.

~ Her courage burned holes through intimidation
until her flame climbed high into the night.

That’s it.
It’s all I ‘ve got.
Random seeds to scatter.
Served up in a leftover pan
Please enjoy whatever bits you fancy:)
I’ll be back with a meal next week.

“Rivers know this:  there is no hurry.
We shall get there
some day.”
– A. A. Milne

Candles and kisses and loop 54

I pass “go” again this week as I circle around the sun,
turning a big hopeful  grinning 54.
Celebrating with 54 fresh  reasons to be deep down,  ridiculously glad
for my time here on this planet.
Blowing 54 kisses of thanks for……
*unreasonably long gratitude list to follow*

~  pinpoints of light that say “this is the way,”
~that my life is my own – that I have a say,
~ for unbounded hope and fluffy meringues,
~that I can do satisfied and content
while I grow, stretch, and change.

~For rivers and bridges and shelter and wings,
~for when the lonely find family and outsiders welcomed “in”
~ when someones give a damn enough to fight for what they love,
~ and all my times of weakness when I’m held and lifted up,

~ for fresh picked apples and Asian pears,
~ and springs that won’t run dry,
~the gift of a friendly listen,
~ my choices….that I get to drive

~ for friends who’d rather laugh than judge,
~ and mercy when I don’t get it right,
~ that I’m made out of God and dirt
~ and free to dance in the light,

~ for the freedom,  too,  to love everyone,
~ for how simple it is to be kind,
~ for how brave it is to show mercy,
~  how I don’t have to choose left or right,

~rosemary,  cilantro,  and medical massage,
~ old photos and their storytelling way,
~ for garlands and stables and Mussel Shoals,
~ and those “stop thinking; start breathing” days,

white balance

~For when snow falls on those who are dreaming of it,
~ and early mornings leaning into God,
~ that we don’t have to be more to be thoroughly loved,
~ and rumblings of truth in our hearts,

~that we’re worthy,  valued,  and built for love,
~for fishy waters,  high clouds and vivid skies,
~ for fountains and mountains and daughters and sons,
~ a warm coat,  a cool hat and shoes that keep my feet dry.

~ for ears to hear the roar and beating heart to feel the pain,
~for the power to be gentle
~ and the room we’re free to make,
~for “I’m sorry” and “me,  too,”
~ “I need some help,”   “I understand,”
~ for throttle down and rest about it,
~ that mistakes are part of the plan.

January.  A double-shot of beginning for me:)
Thanks for letting me share my days with you.
That you come around and read what I sometimes write down
is honor and gift.
Love….just so much.  And thanks:)

(this sweet beauty was sent to me a few years back by Elaine Kean,  a then-blogger and always friend)

“And in the morning, when I rise,  you bring a tear of joy to my eyes.
And tell me every thing is gonna be alright.”

– Kenny Loggins



These days…….to live them all.

I’ve been writing gifts (sorry for disappearing for a while).
Writing and wrapping like the busy elf I sometimes am.
All the while,  waiting and watching for the word that might find me,
my own little gift to tuck inside my heart and carry with me into the new.
I’ve danced with several.
The one that wants to come home with me is so bold and sure of itself
that I can only smile and shrug at the others,
take it’s hand
and go.


All of me.
With all of my heart.
Even when I feel the hiss that that I’m too loud,  too expressive,  too ebullient,
too much.
Be the all of me,  anyway.
For all of my life.
Give it my all.


All day long.
Stand beneath the great wide and feel the small of me in it,
surrounded by it all,
and then feel the all that I carry inside
and embrace it.
Acknowledge it.
And release it generous
with love and hope for us all.

(holding close to heart those good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people)

I wish you all the joy your heart can possibly hold.
And then a couple of measures more.
A cup-runneth-over type of situation:)
For all of your todays.

fresh tracks

“I have no need for half of anything,
no half time,  no half a man’s attention.
Give me all the earth and sky.
And at the same time add a new dimension.

Half the truth is of no use,
give it all,  give it all to me
I can stand it.
I am strong that way.”
– Carly Simon

In every wink of light….

So,  yeah,  it hurts.
Real bad.
And there really isn’t anything you can do about it
except for let it be what it is.
Put it into God’s big hands and keep your fingerprints off.
It’s not yours to fancy up or fix.
Just don’t forget to love it.
Love it as a part of your seriously lovable life.
Imperfect and wobbly and juicy and hysterical
and raw and undone and intricate and lovely.

It’s yours.  Be good to it.


Let go the ideal,  the longing for certain and sure.
Let go the push,  the demand,  the rush.
And then love it.
Don’t leave your life untended,
like a dog turned out on a cold lonesome road.
Love it because it’s yours.

And when it gets overwhelmed,  this life of yours,
don’t toss stuff and shallow comfort at it.
It needs your presence.
Just more of you stretched out on the ground with your face to the sky.
Slow down and stay.
It will love you back.

Somehow in the bustle we can lose sight
and step all over it like it’s something underfoot.
Start breathing again.
It’s your life.
Your  life.
Don’t chain it to a Hallmark ideal.

Live generously with yourself.


 “You are worthy of great joy.”
– God
(yeah,  I made that up.  but not really.  i mean,  you can read it,  I believe,
in every leaf and twig and breeze and flower.
In every wink of light.
At least that’s what I think)

Much joy to you,  dear one.
Just so much joy.