Sweetness still unwritten…..

journal blog
Life found me crying over yesterday
and when I uncurled my fists and let her take my hand,
gentle voice speaking tender over the sorry and ache,
I heard “regret is trust running backwards”
and so I turned forward into the soft breath of today
and let the leaves whisper their stories
and nuzzle my dreams out of layaway

and I hold them warm against fresh stretch marks
on this hungry heart of mine,
all this sweet buttery hope churned up solid and soothing
and I plop right down into the here and now
like a carefree toddler in the sand
and let the loving grin of this present moment
disarm the missing in all that I’ve missed

hearty blog

I’m not eyes squeezed shut
to sands swept away by river time;
I’m opening wider still
to the lovely of nexts,
to hovering fresh over wallflower dreams,
brand new songs and fledgling wings.

dear today

 “Drench yourself in words unspoken,
live your life with arms wide open,
today is where your book begins,
the rest is still unwritten.”
-Natasha Bedingfield

the whispering places….

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The green and grassy fields are browning,
summer’s wild things bursting into seed
and I walk among them now and listen
to the whispering places
all crispy and wavy and whooshing
as Autumn sings her brave songs

about how there is grace in even endings,
a re-set to rest,
a keeping sails set
and waiting for winds that will come
and work their mystery


 and somehow they know
there are seeds of life in letting go
and I breathe it in slow
and let Autumn brush her golden wisdom over
the clay of me
because I want to be a friend of her unhurried ways
and un-driven days
and give her plenty of space in this heart of mine

and so I lean in close to feel what she knows
and off roll some fears I’ve been keeping
and my care-worn shoulders go soft
and dread slides off easy
into dry grass and gold.


“To love someone fiercely,  to believe in something with your whole heart,
to celebrate a fleeting moment in time,  to fully engage in a life that doesn’t come with guarantees
-these are risks that involve vulnerability and often pain.
But I’m learning that recognizing and leaning into the discomfort of vulnerability
teaches us how to live with joy,  gratitude,  and grace.”-Brene’ Brown
(The winner of the giveaway is Carola……..thank you all for your generous comments;
I love it when you come around!)

wishing you well….

blossom bath blog

I wish you fresh firm grace,
eyes to see the plenty
and hope enough to call it into
every place of need

that you drink from  living fountains
running strong beneath the dirt of things,
deeper than the chaos,
truer  than the cheap,


and find the sweet spot in all your living
and loving and being;
may there come some fresh wings
and a warm soft breezing:)

“Wanna wish you freedom to do the things you love,
I wish you blessings and kindness from above,
wanna wish you sunlight through the clouds
and I hope you laugh out loud.
….I wish you well.”
-Bill Withers

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whisper in a crowd…..

I keep showing up,
carving out space and time
to rest my eyes on sky
while the sun shimmers low on the horizon,
suspended like a breath
and then exhales into the night,

keep being wowed by how quickly it happens,
how easy to slip right by
if I do just this one thing first,
like a whisper in a crowd,
I could miss it in the scurry
because life is sweeping past
and if you don’t kneel down and put your hand into the river
you may not recognize.

now 2

And I have sometimes drawn back from the living
because I feel so much,
sometimes feel it all too much
and the pain can make me flinch and close up tight inside
for just a while
and as I watch all these ordinary little whiles
fill up with so much I wouldn’t want to miss,
bits I’ve mostly missed my whole life long,
it shakes me awake to the choices I hold

and as each day I walk home
rubbing sunspots from my eyes
I feel stronger in the showing up,
as if all of this light is infusing my choosing
as these days,  they quickly go by.

now 4

“Time keeps on slippin,  slippin,  slipping  into the future….”
-Steve Miller

So I wrote this last September…..the words didn’t find me this crazy-busy week
(my little gardening business is at it’s busy season peak and I’m tired and smell of ben gay)
But it holds truer still today, this piece,  and I wanted to serve it up fresh
with love
because I’d miss you too much if I didn’t come around at all.  Big hugs all around.

roots of something real….

What is your deal?  I mean,  how can you be so up?”
Anyone ever asked you that?

I don’t deny ugliness and injustice,
oppression and cruelty and horror,
that the false walks around puffed up and defiant
and honored often as genuine and good,
that leaders often lie and the lonely often hide
and the walls we keep between us shield us mostly from solution,

and I grieve where money is power
and pretense is importance
and service isn’t noble
and children ache with unmet need
and become parents who pass down the disease.
No,  mine isn’t the bliss of ignorance.

blog 3

I’m marinating more in the muchness of hope,
the kind that isn’t false or tricksy,
in the fierce,  capable goodness of creative Spirit
who gave us this planet to steward and love,
living Love so willing to be lavished on thick,
longing to be invited into the chaos
(I’m thinking God has healthy boundaries….nothing toxic there)

I’m believing in something more,  something stronger
something thoroughly alive,
Light that swallows darkness and does amazing like it’s easy.
It’s real and relational
and I joy more because
I believe
there are  seeds of restoration
in every surrendered shitstorm.

Nothing is beyond redemption.


“I want to unfold.
Let no place in me hold itself closed.
For when I am closed,  I am false.”
-Ranier Maria Rilke